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Personal Training

Are you frustrated with trying to find a personal trainer in the Boca Raton area and only finding trainers who have no idea how to help you reach your goals?

By avoiding the average trainers at big fitness chains, you can avoid one size fits all routines and cookie cutter workouts. You need a trainer who really cares if you reach your goals. It may be time to evaluate if your personal trainer is measuring up.

Sign up for our free one week membership and see for yourself how to elevate your fitness routine with TAG.


One on One Training

Our personal trainers educate and empower their clients to reach their goals with personalized plans and individual attention. If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional looking to compete, TAG has everything you need to hit your goals and break your personal records.

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Group Training

Small group personal training provides you with strength, and motivation, in numbers. Groups are motivational but still private and comfortable. The bonus is that you are not alone, but you still get a program tailored just for you.

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Private Group Personal Training

Clients can also purchase private personal training for groups of two or more people and receive a discount.

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Corporate Fitness Program

Companies can book classes each week that are only available to employees of their company.

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Athletic Training

Training in speed, running technique, balance, vertical leap, and over all athletic performance are available.

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