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One on One Training

Are you frustrated with trying to find a personal trainer in the Boca Raton area and only finding trainers who have no idea how to help you reach your goals?

By avoiding the average trainers at big fitness chains, you can avoid one size fits all routines and cookie cutter workouts. You need a trainer who really cares if you reach your goals. It may be time to evaluate if your personal trainer is measuring up.

You can get one-on-one personal training at TAG to help you reach your fitneworkout program boca raton floridass goals.


Our personal trainers educate and empower their clients to reach their goals with personalized plans and individual attention. If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional looking to compete, TAG has everything you need to hit your goals and break your personal records. TAG can help you even if you have never stepped foot in a gym. You can start achieving your goals and improving the quality of your life today!

Personal Trainer Boca Raton

As a client of a TAG personal trainer, you will get your own trainer who will learn about your goals and needs. They can help you work around any injuries or pain so that you can still reach your goals. One-on-one training is great for people who have a specific athletic goal in mind, or who are recovering from surgery or injury.

TAG also offers small group personal training. These classes are limited to ten people so you can still get personal attention. Here is some of what this type of training has to offer:

  • Work with a small group of people with similar goals.
  • Group environment keeps you motivated and keeps exercise exciting.
  • You can form your own group of up to 4 people or join an existing group.
  • Have the extra motivation to feel, look, and perform better than you ever thought you could.


Sign up for our free one-week membership and see for yourself how to elevate your fitness routine with TAG.