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Group Training



group training boca raton floridaGroup training provides you with strength, and motivation, in numbers. You will get a work out like you have never experienced in a group of up to 10 people working with a personal trainer. Groups are motivational but still private and comfortable. The bonus is that you are not alone, but you still get a program tailored just for you.

Group training allows you to train with like-minded people. Everyone begins and ends their workout together. There is common purpose, but you are all still able to reach your individual goals without gimmicks or short cuts. These groups are your complete solution because they provide a complete total body workout simply by walking through the door. A TAG trainer will do the rest! We custom design our workouts each month to satisfy all of out client’s goals during each and every workout. All functional strength are done in a cardio fashion and are carefully monitored through our proprietary, polar monitoring system to determine individual exercise intensity and duration.

For even greater results you can combine one-on-one training with group training and move closer to your goals each and every week. Both types of training offer an effective and safe solution for people of any level of fitness to look, feel, and perform better than they ever thought possible.

Sign up for our free one-week membership and see for yourself how to elevate your fitness routine with TAG.