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What is TAG?

A data driven fitness studio that provides a functional movement, body-weight based, interval training program that emphasizes true core conditioning, total body strength training and cardio vascular fitness in every 45 minute workout.

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The most time efficient and most effective workout you will ever experience. Train one-on-one, in a small group, or on your own and focus on the 5 most important components of fitness every single workout: strength, endurance, agility, balance, and coordination.

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“This incredible new workout will revolutionize the way people workout forever. If you’re not training on The Wall, you’re wasting time.”

Work out with an official TAG trainer and get maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Through our proprietary high-tech monitoring system, our trainers will fulfill our T.E.A.M. training concept where we monitor your heart rate, training load and recovery rate during each and every workout while we Teach proper form, Educate you on how to reach your goals, hold you Accountable to a fitness lifestyle and Motivate you to be your best.

The Wall delivers Activation, Balance, Caloric Burn, Decompression & Efficiency.

The Wall’s research-based programming delivers the A—>E in every training session. Exercise physiologist Jeff Collins, former President of US R&D for Polar Electro, and an accomplished athlete himself, has been studying the Wall at the Welltech Human Performance Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has produced a series of white papers and videos that explain the science and power behind the Wall.

While training on the Wall, suspended on a vertical surface, anchored by only your fingertips and toes, your brain activates all 600+ muscles in your body as opposed to only between 5 and 10 on a regular ground-based exercise that you do in the gym.  This means greater caloric burn, greater metabolic enhancement, better utilization and processing of oxygen, and quite simply, better and faster results.  By activating all of the muscles of the body as opposed to just the primary or dominant muscles, TAG clients get stronger, faster, perform better and have a higher quality of life function.

Can Anybody Do the Workout?vertical training boca raton florida

Yes!  Everybody, no matter what your fitness level, can do a TAG workout.  While beginners start by standing on the floor, more advanced users raise their feet up 1, 2 or 3 steps as they become more fit.  Also, our 5 level band system adjusts easily from the most basic beginner to the elite athlete. Also, by simply staying closer to the wall or moving farther away from the wall, you’re able to quickly and easily adjust the resistance of your workouts.  A 75-year-old beginner can easily work out right next to a professional athlete.  This adds to the fun and success of the Wall workouts. Everyone works out at their own pace and decides how hard to push while a TAG trainer carefully monitors your vital statistics on 1 of 10 video screens, to make sure that you train hard, but don’t over-train or hurt yourself.